Book Review:- Missing -lessons from Fiori by Peggy McAloon.

Missing is the second book by Peggy McAloon in the Elle Burton series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book and I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy the second. But I was totally wrong! The story actually got better!

This is a coming of age book that would be great for children, young adults and honestly anyone who enjoys a good book.

I love how this book series addresses issues we forget children also deal with and how much they know and are aware of.

We all want to protect our kids and yet stuff still happen beyond our control and Elle’s story is a perfect example of this and how responsible we can raise our kids to be.

Her story is sweet, thrilling, full of suspense, laughter, a bit of edge of the seat moments and all the good stuff.

I recommend it for the whole family. The lessons are priceless.

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