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Pan Seared Tilapia with potato salad for less than $2

I love working with left overs and making it fresh and new.

This whole meal was done on a budget because it has become my passion to make beautiful, healthy and delicious meals on a budget and with basic kitchen appliances as not all of us have access to food processors, ovens, ranges, mixers, instant pots etc.

>> the bag of tilapia had about 9-10 cuts of tilapia in it. It’s a 2Ib bag and it cost less than $6.

>> the whole bag of potatoes 🥔 was about $3 dollars

>> the green peppers were 85 cents each.

>> green onions were 98 cents for the bag.

>> the box of cherry 🍒 tomatoes was about $2.33

This whole plate per serving is less than $2.


~~~Tilapia fish

~ 1 cut of tilapia fish

~ crushed chips / bread crumbs

~ 1 egg 🥚

~ seasoning of choice ( celery salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger etc)

== cut tilapia into fillets, roll in beaten egg 🥚 and crushed seasoned chips. Place on greased hot pan till sufficiently cooked.

~~~ potato 🥔 Salad

~left over boiled potatoes (2 cups)

~ Crushed garlic (2 garlic not cloves)

~ 1 small green pepper

~ I spring onion

~ half of a medium white onions

~ half of a medium red onions

~ 6 cherry 🍒 tomatoes

==For my potato 🥔 salad 🥗 , I had left over per-boiled potatoes I was going to make chips with. I defrosted that and while that was happening, I stir fried some red onions, white onions and spring onions. I threw in some green pepper and cherry 🍒 tomatoes and let that fry together once done I added my potatoes in till it all came together.

~~~ for the fresh veggies,

~ cut 1 medium tomatoes 🍅

~ a little green pepper

~ a little spring onions.

== sprinkle this on your plate before serving for some added freshness.

I served it with the fish and it was delicious 😋.

Bon appetite.

Let me know how you cook healthy meals for your family on a budget.


Its my Big sis birthday!!!!

Hey everyone I have a special request. So today is my big sisters birthday. And I want to ask a favour. 

If you are on Instagram, please can you take the time to wish her a Happy birthday? Her account is private so I want you guys to post it on mine. Just say  happy birthday from Bloggers who know your baby sis. Or something like that. 

I know it’s a strange request but I want to make it special for her.  

My Instagram handle is shulaices or search for Sunesis S Kafang. 

Thanks guys. I look forward to showing it to her at the end of the day or tagging her. 

Thanks so much.