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Book Review:- Worth of Luck by K.A Ashcomb

Worth of Luck by K.A Ashcomb

So I read this book probably overnight because of how much I enjoyed it. It’s a breath of fresh air and a sprinkle of the old all combine in one amazingly well told story. This book packs a series of events and life lessons in every little conversation and plot twist. It is not just a book to enjoy for leisure but also a book to learn from about humanity and how we react? Act or manage resources or things we deem valuable. It paints a picture of selfishness, humility, love, sacrifice and even courage in the unlikeliest of places.

The main characters were a delight and a pain at the same times especially Harriet Stowe who I desperately wanted to dislike but ended up having a silent respect for and then there is Edbert Polluck who finally learned how to be a better human very late in life (and the story) but better late than never right?

We wouldn’t want to live out Sigourney who I deem the true heroine of this story but as with life she would probably never get the credit she deserve! Oh well 😔.

My only issue was after about page 240 or so I cane across some typographical errors which weren’t a lot but still managed to distract me. I also make spelling and typing errors but it was something I wanted to point out as constructive and not malicious.

All in all, I encourage you to read this book with a mind to learn and a willingness to enjoy the silliness and downright childishness of some of the characters. It’s just over 300 pages and you will not even notice them.

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Book Review:- Hejira by Deanna Stewart.

This book made me want to cheer!

Hejira by Deanna Stewart took me back to a setting, a genre that I had quite forgotten I enjoy reading.

The Author is very good at immersing you into the story. She delicately paints each scene with just the right amount of words which don’t leave you wound up or overwhelmed.

From the first page I was transported to ancient Persia with its bustling markets and I could smell the incense, admire the sparkling jewels and experience the market scene along with the characters.

The story follows the unlikeliest of heroines

Fatima and Isla. Their journey begins in the kingdom of Chabouk, in a time ripe with tyranny and oppression. Theirs is the tale of the grass is greener on the other-side. They live in a time where women are nothing more than bargaining chips for their fathers and husbands, to be used to gain power, riches, security etc.

Fatima after years of being what her marriage taught her to be realized she didn’t want the same pattern for her generation and in a last hurrah dared to risk it all in a Hejira that became legend.

Her and her little band of misfits teach us that strength can come from the weakest of places and freedom sometimes has to be taken not given.

I like that even though the book is set in ancient times, the themes are still quiet relevant today as women deal with various levels of equality and challenges.

I recommend this book to women of all ages and even men.

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Book Review:- Clara & Pig by Mary Ann Tippet

I was expecting a children’s book when I saw the title because I didn’t read the excerpt or summary before choosing it.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t but instead a book about senior citizens. The Author has my appreciation for a wonderful read. I read this in less than two hours and enjoyed every second of it. It’s a page turner and very well written with wonderful descriptions of the characters and their environment.

This book is about Clara and her pet pug named pig who is a very happy dog. Clara’s life is turned upside down as she learns to cope with change while resisting it every step of the way. She’s dealing with loss, pain, loneliness and luckily new friendships.

I wasn’t ready for this book to end! I was really annoyed with the Author when I saw “The End” at the end of the paragraph lol

I would definitely have read more and I am willing to read more from her.

This book made me think of my grandparents and seniors in general. We need to be more kind and understanding towards our elders.

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Book Review:- Escape From Bamako by Ghandi.

Have you ever read a book that you ended up getting so lost you forgot it was a book? From the Beginning of “Escape from Bamako” to the end I was enraptured by the fast paced tale unfolding before me. The Author in his maiden debut has done a fantastic Job in exploring a genre most African authors skim past. He tells events in both a serious and humorous way that captures the readers attention.

My favorite character of course is the star of the Story Sam whom at the beginning I thought would be a lackadaisical character not willing to rise to the challenge but he did.

Who would have thought that an innocent state dinner would turn into a bloody coup threatening international relations and the safety of top government officials. Cue in radio silence and the disabling of communication mediums in and out of Mali and as more of the plot enfolds we come to see that this coup is not just about a hostile takeover its also a story of vengeance that unleashes a chain reaction of betrayal, suspense, loss, victory and all the emotions that make for a great read.

If you wish to purchase the ebook with your Nigerian account, you can visit the website and click on the “buy from our store” button. It’s N1,100.

The book is also available on Amazon (Kindle) at and on Kobo at


I don’t get anything from the sale of this book, I gave my honest review upon receiving the book for free from the Author . This review isn’t sponsored and I wasn’t paid.

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Book Review:- Happiness is all we want! By Ashutosh Mishra.

As far as self help books go, this one is well written and researched.

From the introduction at the start of each chapter to the tips at the last paragraph, the author carries you along by not only pointing out the problem, but providing the solution / possible solutions.

I like the break in between in the form of stories that prevent this book from being text book like and making it more relatable and practical.

A lot of self help books end up sounding abstract and unrealistic but this one goes beyond just telling you what’s wrong but showing you in this “modern age” how to tackle it and be happy.

However, I felt the book was target to only those with high drive work/ businesses unless of course they were only used as an example. Also some people with different views on meditation might not implement some of the meditation practices prescribed in the book.

Which is ok as I believe you can find ways to mediate that agree with your beliefs and way of life.

All in all this was a great read and I enjoyed it.

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Book Review: The Innocents by C.A Asbrey.

I am a lover of all book genres but historical and regency novels hold a special place in my heart.

The Innocents by C.A Asbrey is a well written fictional story and she tells it in a fluid series of events that start up with our heroine Abigail who is a Pinkerton detective and has a charming accent smashing her mashed potato treat into a handsome strangers coat.

Call it serendipity or fate, but this chance meeting leads to many more meetings which delve into a nest of deceit, crime, murder, romance and all the glorious things that make up a great book.

The story is set up in the 1800s and the setting, timing, events and the background the story is set upon is well researched as is testament to the authors background.

If you love hunky midwestern bad boys and strong female leads then this book is for you.

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Book Review:- Ann, Not Annie by Sage Steadman

Ann, Not Annie is a well written YA (young adult) fictional novel by Sage Steadman. I read this book in a very short time and the actual story is 272 pages long. What I love most about this book is the style of writing the author implemented. I am a huge fan of the narrative style of telling stories and when done well its a joy to read and this was indeed a joy to read. The voice of the narrator took on the right tones and themes through out the book making for a very fluid read.
The story itself is of a teenage girl named Annie who prefers to be called Ann. She is still in high school and going through some major emotional and mental strain. She is dealing with grief, abandonment issues, loneliness and some teenage girl drama. The narrator follows her story of struggling in school with regular visits to detention and the school counsellor, less than an ideal living situation at home, taking care of her brother and dealing with a potential for falling in love and the glamour/seduction of being one of the popular kids.

Ann not Annie goes through a process that almost breaks her while reading Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden pond” (Which has definitely joined my reading list thanks to this book). Luckily for her, her small circle of friends whom she thought she had lost were still there for her when she was ready to let them in again.

I respect Authors who brave topics that we as a society are quick to skirt or push aside for political reasons or deem too heavy for a certain audience. Ann (not Annie but also Annie lol) is a teenager who through no choice of hers had to experience grief and loss (mostly alone)and if we think teenagers shouldn’t be exposed to these topics, then what happens to the “Ann’s” of this world who are unprepared and yet plunged into similar situations.

This book is a perfect gift for both young adults, parents, teachers, counsellors etc to help breach that gap and even open up an avenue for these conversations to be had.

It was a great read and I recommend it to everyone.

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Book Review :- Elle Burton and the reflective Portals By Peggy M McAloon and Anneka Rogers.

I am always open to reading books of different genre but not always of the children’s book variety. Reading Elle’s story pronounced (Ellie) I quickly forgot that it was for children. The character is one we can all identify with through the various struggles and challenges she faces and later overcomes. It’s a book about Love, loss, hope, healing, kindness and a lot of things we sometimes forget to teach or remind our children to be. Though this tale is woven through fantasy, it can’t help be anything but real. Elle Burton reminds us to be brave,honest and even believe in the magic of people, friends and family. Be sure to join Elle in her adventures in this first installment.

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Hey Loves,

In my previous post, I introduced you guys to a phenomenal personality, Prof. Charles French. He is one of my earlier followers who actually takes the time to leave a word of encouragement on my posts and drop comments or likes.

He has really fascinating views and content on his blog

He has remained true to his discipline as an educator I.e a college professor, meaning there is always something to learn in his post while he holds your attention. But most importantly he is someone who loves horror and is an expert on it!

From The King himself Stephen King to all the various aspects, he can hold his own.

And now ladies and gentlemen he has released his very first Book!

I give to you Prof. Charles French

Below is my interview with him.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>

Interview Questions


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>-You, being a college professor, blogging and now a novel and how this has influenced your book.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>I have taught at college for many years—over 25—and that has certainly had an impact on my novel. I have a Ph.D. in English Literature, and Gothic and horror is one of my areas on interest. Certainly many of the ideas and themes I have examined and taught in these fields: the nature of evil, impact of the past on the present, and good vs. evil, among them have found their way into my novel. 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>I certainly enjoy blogging and the opportunity it gives to meet other people, especially those who love books and those who are writers. I am not sure that it influenced  my novel, but the blogging has allowed me to share my experiences with many other people.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”> A brief flash back also on how it all began and why a novel?


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>I began writing this novel about 6 years ago. I had begun several books over the years, but I had never finished them. My wife turned to me one day and asked me why I didn’t commit to being a writer, and I did not have a good answer for her. So I did make that commitment, and after 13 drafts, I am finally releasing my book: Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I. 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>– Why now?


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>It is time to let go of the book now. I could keep revising it forever, but there comes a time to say that it is done and to move on to the next project. I am currently writing the first draft of the next book in this series and working on revisions of a young adult novel.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>– Has this always been a dream, a bucket list or something that you walked into.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>I have always thought about being a writer, but now I am a writer. The level of success I achieve with the books is not something I can control, but I can make sure that I continue to write—the rest of my life.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>If you could introduce the book quickly, what would you say about it?


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt Franklin attempts to make it through life day by day.  Roosevelt 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>is a widower, who lost his beloved wife to cancer and a retired history professor, and he has not 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>stopped grieving.  He and his two closest friends, also retired and who have also lost loved 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>ones, form a paranormal investigation group.  They hope to find an answer to the 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>question: is there life after death? 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>When asked by a local teacher to investigate a possible haunting of her house, the group 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>discovers an evil beyond anything they could have imagined.  This is no mere ghost. Maledicus, 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>who was in life a pimp, torturer, and murderer during Caligula’s reign in Rome, in death has 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>become a sociopathic demon that attacks the weak and the innocent.  Maledicus threatens a five 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>year old child’s life and soul.  Terrified by what they have discovered, Roosevelt and his friends 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>must choose to either walk away from this threat , or to do battle with this ancient creature at the 


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>potential loss of their sanities, their lives, and their souls.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>Thank you so much, Prof. Charles French for your time,


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>Cheers.


p style=”font-size:13.6px;”>(Atomic Words.)

All images used are done so with the approval of the author.

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