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The Traitor Within

He’s the traitor that lies within my walls hiding in plain sight for all to see

Playing his drums loud and proud a beat all his own

He plays my tunes for all to hear,

A symphony of all my secrets poured out to an audience of one

To squeeze out of hiding every note I’ve held dear; Strumming through my arteries the lyrics of my soul Bruising my veins with the quill of my truth till I bled the traitor that’s become my heart on his guitar.



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The Man of my dreams.

Eyes wide shut is the feeling I have.
I blink several times b’cos my vision is blurred,
I take a second look to find you still standing there.
How can this be?
What sorcery’s this?
This must be a trick,
For my mind knows the truth my eyes won’t tell and the lies my heart yearns to believe.
You see, it’s the way
the image I see tends to sway lightly and you seem surreal with the ray of the sun piercing the window screen.
Come what may,
It’s a game you play,
Ripping the control I have you toy with the emotions I try to keep at bay.
I may be giddy and feeling gay,
But it must come to an end this foreplay,
Because its nothing but a fantasy
A mirage of my desires
It’s not a dream for I am wide awake.

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These words….Sorry?

I try to write,

Write the words in my heart

Put my feelings to words.

Every time I try,

I come up short.


You hurt me

So many broken words my pen cannot make them whole.

They’re there in the air floating through my breath

I reach for them and they evaporate.


I see them in the water

Drowning in my tears

I dive in only to choke on them.


They’re smudged and stained.

Broken and scattered.


I try to write but my fingers cramp with the effort.

I try to speak but my voice won’t pass the words lodged in my throat.


These words are all I have but even they won’t do.

I wrapped them around you like a blanket.

These words were our cocoon

But these words won’t do any more

These words are no longer enough

You hurt me and took the words away


What can we say to make it better? Sorry……. Sorry?

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