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Book Review:- Julu By Jan Anderegg


Julu by Jan Anderegg.
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
I chose to read and review this book solely based on the book cover. I loved the cover the moment I saw it and Immediately wanted to read the book. I was afraid it was a children’s book that would probably be only 10-30 pages long but boy was I wrong!
Also, I was very surprised when I received the book and started reading it at how lengthy it actually is as I had assumed it was a children’s book. The story itself is a beautiful tale and very well written. It reminds me of stories like Narnia and Peter Pan and it brings to mind how important it is for children and even adults to dream, believe and use their ‘Imaginations’ to create wonderful things. This book will definitely be a bit of a challenge for a younger audience to read on their own based on the telling of the story and the time jumps back and forth but also because of the length of the book.
However, It will be a great book for young adults who love reading as it’s not childish or Riddled with too much fantasy but actually realistic and full of adventure and action. It will keep you engaged and interested through out the story. Glad I got to read it and recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy books.


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