The Changes Without You

Do you ever have the urge not to blink?

To hold all the moments in a still image forever?

Do you ever just want to press pause and never let go of the smiles of those you love and immortalise it in something more tangible than failing memories?

What do you do when it all turns into fractals shattered into a million pieces.

time change

Will you remain in a trance of your own hypnotic thoughts?

will you speak only to your dreams

forever frozen in time?

or will you face the change and let it go through you?

4 thoughts on “The Changes Without You”

  1. It’s rare when we are in a moment that we know is special. I’ve had a small handful of those moments and you’re right, I wanted nothing more than to freeze it and live it as long as I could.

    Maybe that’s what memories are for. We can go back and see the smiles and hear the laughter and feel the moment we were in.

    If we’re lucky we can dream it.

    Thank you for this. Good stuff!!!

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