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The Traitor Within

He’s the traitor that lies within my walls hiding in plain sight for all to see

Playing his drums loud and proud a beat all his own

He plays my tunes for all to hear,

A symphony of all my secrets poured out to an audience of one

To squeeze out of hiding every note I’ve held dear; Strumming through my arteries the lyrics of my soul Bruising my veins with the quill of my truth till I bled the traitor that’s become my heart on his guitar.



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The Sun In your Eyes

The sun in your eyes

makes me want to see you in the sunshine

and bathe in your rays,

even though the night has always been good to us, the twilight purveying the art in our love in a silhouette of mismatched emotions,

but its always been beneath the sun’s light that our solo aria becomes a duet


The Changes Without You

Do you ever have the urge not to blink?

To hold all the moments in a still image forever?

Do you ever just want to press pause and never let go of the smiles of those you love and immortalise it in something more tangible than failing memories?

What do you do when it all turns into fractals shattered into a million pieces.

time change

Will you remain in a trance of your own hypnotic thoughts?

will you speak only to your dreams

forever frozen in time?

or will you face the change and let it go through you?


Book Review:- Missing -lessons from Fiori by Peggy McAloon.

Missing is the second book by Peggy McAloon in the Elle Burton series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book and I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy the second. But I was totally wrong! The story actually got better!

This is a coming of age book that would be great for children, young adults and honestly anyone who enjoys a good book.

I love how this book series addresses issues we forget children also deal with and how much they know and are aware of.

We all want to protect our kids and yet stuff still happen beyond our control and Elle’s story is a perfect example of this and how responsible we can raise our kids to be.

Her story is sweet, thrilling, full of suspense, laughter, a bit of edge of the seat moments and all the good stuff.

I recommend it for the whole family. The lessons are priceless.

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Book Review :- Elle Burton and the reflective Portals By Peggy M McAloon and Anneka Rogers.

I am always open to reading books of different genre but not always of the children’s book variety. Reading Elle’s story pronounced (Ellie) I quickly forgot that it was for children. The character is one we can all identify with through the various struggles and challenges she faces and later overcomes. It’s a book about Love, loss, hope, healing, kindness and a lot of things we sometimes forget to teach or remind our children to be. Though this tale is woven through fantasy, it can’t help be anything but real. Elle Burton reminds us to be brave,honest and even believe in the magic of people, friends and family. Be sure to join Elle in her adventures in this first installment.


Lessons On Waiting.

I always admire those who just exude patience from every pore. They are content to wait and never give up, doubt or challenge the process they are going through.
In comes me like a tiny fur ball bouncing with excitement and vibrating with energy. Wait you say? ‘erm’ how do I do that? every iota of my being is pushing for results, answers, movement! anything to show progress.
I consider myself a patient person, but its the act of being patient that I sometimes find tasking.I want to be that person who waits with grace and finesse but sometimes I end up a quivering mess of almost tears and loud questions mostly punctuated with ‘WHY!’ LOL (So much for elegance).

I am blessed to say that not many a great things have tested my faith to the point of doubt, anger or recanting it, and yet going through Long distance relationship for four years and then long distance marriage (not on purpose) for almost two years, I find myself left with a lot of questions and a niggling feeling of impatience. But of course everyone around me thinks I am a Champ and they always punctuate this feeling with comments of how amazed they are, how they couldn’t possibly do the same if the positions were reversed, how strong I am and how well I am doing.

However, all I want to say is no! I am actually not that strong, I am just being strong out of necessity, because I have to be strong. It’s a survival mechanism, because the moment I stop being strong, I will probably unravel and it will take a lot to put this ‘humptidonty’ back together again. My husband on the other hand I feel drew the short end of the stick, I get to still experience the things I love, be surrounded by family and friends and not have a lot of things change or be too lonely.While on the other hand he has friends turned family around him, but no actual relatives close by and even though he has had to go through a couple of lifestyle changes, he doesn’t have me around to help out as a partner should.

So, on the issue of waiting, I have come to conclude that though everyone’s process is different, and we all lead different lifestyles, still we ought to find what lessons life’s teaching us as we wait. It would be very sad to go through it not learning anything at all.

What lessons have you learned from waiting and what lifestyle changes did you have to make because of it?



As work starts and everyone rushes towards something, my partner and I find ourselves planning and dreaming towards a time where we can smile and look back at all we’ve built and achieved.
For us working 8-5 or whenever our employer deems a good time to close isn’t the end game. As much as it meets a need and puts food on the table, it doesn’t fill the hole inside. It leaves us feeling empty and exhausted but never fulfilled or satisfied.
Most people dream of running their own business, but for us it’s not just a dream or want, it’s a force of need. To be able to do what we love all day long will be too good to live up in a dream. We would rather make it a reality.
However, as with everything in life, you have to start somewhere and be willing to put in the work, time, energy and patience. Some days you’ll cry, others you’ll laugh out loud with joy. But through it all, never forget why you started and why you are doing it.

Lets Talk Lazy Days.

All days aren’t made equal. Some days are fast paced from the first bleary eyed blink you take to the last long drawn out yawn fighting to escape at the end of the day. On other occasions, the polar opposite happens with days so slow it feels like a slow motion scene from a movie. These happen in a different order for everyone and for some its perpetually the same, while others have ”in-betweeners”.
But whatever kind of day it is you are having, don’t forget to pick up your glass of coffee





Juice, Shake Or smoothie

And Breathe


knowing it will all be okay even when its all falling apart.
Somethings we can control, others we cant but stressing over them and causing harm to our minds and souls will definitely not solve anything.
Remember, it will be okay someday if not today.