Golden Tears

My tears are gold

Hot and molten.

They are stirred behind 

tired eyes and feathered lashes

By the tumultuous feelings of 


This unending dryness 

Caused by the drought within.

How can this desert go on forever.

Will my golden tears cool into bars? 

Will I mold daggers from them?

Will I ever find my oasis,

My mock ocean of relief ?

And will the next tide bring the storm!

 Or will it be calmed?

The Thought.

Brooding seems to be the order of the day

I am lost for words and don’t know what to say

I wish you would stay

Even if it’s just so we could play.

When the night comes and I lay

All I can do is pray

For another way 

 to throw away

The opinions that you have of me that won’t sway

Though I know your response is nay

I try not to keep at bay

The emotions that would relay

To you that I am Okay.

My Unrest.

It’s a cool and beautiful Thursday morning.

I am taking a walk and the air is clean and just what I needed.

I feel at peace or so I thought.

There’s a nagging feeling of Unrest lurking in the shadows telling me this is an illusion. 

I believe I am where God wants me to be right now but sometimes I get very restless and just want to move forward.

I am learning to be patient and be content with where I am and it’s so much easier said than done!:D.

God help me.

So why have I been MIA these past months and disappointing my amazing blogosphere family?

Well I got married! Yay!

 I moved to a new home and was job hunting and also occupied with trying to figure out how to say goodbye temporarily to my husband. The downside of an international long distance relationship.

I am happy to be writing again and having the support of the people on this platform.

Writing is truly therapeutic and I am grateful to God for this medium of release and expression.

I am always happy to be here :D 

I am Security-concious

sharing is caring.
I give to you Debby.
she has a very refreshing and relatable blog.
you wont regret stopping by and make sure you say hi!

Debby's expression


Hello to you today. These days i’m mostly drawn to watching YouTube videos ranging from messages to DIY to music videos to speeches and interviews. On the issue of DIY, lest I forget, I bought bicarbonate of soda yesterday, it was really cheap, #110 to help whiten my teeth. I need the perfect smile y’know. I’ve always considered using braces and the only person I’ve told, my elder sister has repeatedly said no, I shouldn’t use it. I could pursue it further but I recently read a person’s account and she said she had it on for two and a half years. That’s quite a while guys?. I always thought it was about a year. In any case, mind me not, it is such an half-hearted attempt otherwise I would have done my research. Today is a slow Saturday for me, I’m going out this evening for a youth anniversary…

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Hey Every one!

I am so excited!

I have been awarded the Smiley Thumb Award by an the awesome Chape .

Thank you so much dear I appreciate your friendship on the bogosphere.

Thank you for making me smile.

please do yourself a favour and check out his blog as soon as you can.

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The rules:

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What makes me smile

The every day little things make me smile. it really doesnt take much.

I have learned early to smile at the little gifts most people miss.


Living word 30







Hey awesome people.
I would like to share a post of someone special.
She has a real neat blog. please do check her out.



Bimbo sat on her bed and stared at her book with frustration, she couldn’t read,her room mates were at it again. It was always one party gist,or about some guys and their different sexual escapades… This girls were surely shameless Bimbo thought,but she never talked to them.
*****Bimbo sat at the rear of the class with her back to the wall,she was passing glances at her course mates,Tara and Vivian. Vivian needed an advice,a guy had asked her out and requested she followed him to a party that night. She didn’t think it was a nice idea,she had never been to a night party before, all she needed was someone to either dissuade her or encourage her into it,Tara suggested she went for the party and just have fun…Bimbo watched but said nothing, She just prayed in her heart that God would save vivian.
*****A lot of us are like…

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Piece by Piece

I love meeting people in LDR (Long distanc relationship) its one of those things you never think you’d do or be able to do or even want to do till you find yourself counting miles and time difference lol.
Rhanda Panda is someone you want to get to know through her writings so do yourself a favour and stop by.

Well hello there...

In the beginning you gave me the puzzle pieces of You, piece by piece. Your day, your jokes, your story.

Piece by piece.

You shared with me your heart, layer by layer. Your dreams, your hopes, your secrets. Layer by layer.

You managed to break down my walls, brick by brick. My insecurities, my fears, my doubts. Brick by brick.

You maneuvered yourself into my heart, corner by corner. Your wit, your depth, your kindness. Corner by corner.

We put together a trip to see each other again, plan by plan. Time off requests, rental car, long drive. Plan by plan.

Time ticks away,

second by second.

minute by minute.

hour by hour.

day by day.

week by week.

month by month.

We survived the separation and cherish the time we have, moment by moment. Quiet talks, private prayers, shared smiles. Moment by beautiful moment.

The days add up in…

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