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Spring mix

Make this salad with ingredients you have in your pantry and fridge.


~ 1 cup of pasta (your choice)

~ half of a medium green pepper (bell pepper)

~ 1 big tomato 🍅

~ scallions (spring onions)

~ a handful of well rinsed spring mix (arugula, spinach, lettuce 🥬 etc)

~ black pepper

~ herbs (optional )

~ celery salt 🧂 (optional).

You can add cheese 🧀, eggs 🥚, turkey 🦃 or anything else you want.

Rinse and cut up your veggies 🌶, cook macaroni with a handful of the peppers and scallions for more flavor. Add any seasoning of choice you want or salad dressing. And voila! That’s all she wrote😉 😘.

If you are like me this is enough for 3-4 servings but if you are a big salad eater then it will make 1-2 servings for you.

And all this can be achieved for less than a dollar if you have most of these in your fridge / pantry.

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Pan Seared Tilapia with potato salad for less than $2

I love working with left overs and making it fresh and new.

This whole meal was done on a budget because it has become my passion to make beautiful, healthy and delicious meals on a budget and with basic kitchen appliances as not all of us have access to food processors, ovens, ranges, mixers, instant pots etc.

>> the bag of tilapia had about 9-10 cuts of tilapia in it. It’s a 2Ib bag and it cost less than $6.

>> the whole bag of potatoes 🥔 was about $3 dollars

>> the green peppers were 85 cents each.

>> green onions were 98 cents for the bag.

>> the box of cherry 🍒 tomatoes was about $2.33

This whole plate per serving is less than $2.


~~~Tilapia fish

~ 1 cut of tilapia fish

~ crushed chips / bread crumbs

~ 1 egg 🥚

~ seasoning of choice ( celery salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger etc)

== cut tilapia into fillets, roll in beaten egg 🥚 and crushed seasoned chips. Place on greased hot pan till sufficiently cooked.

~~~ potato 🥔 Salad

~left over boiled potatoes (2 cups)

~ Crushed garlic (2 garlic not cloves)

~ 1 small green pepper

~ I spring onion

~ half of a medium white onions

~ half of a medium red onions

~ 6 cherry 🍒 tomatoes

==For my potato 🥔 salad 🥗 , I had left over per-boiled potatoes I was going to make chips with. I defrosted that and while that was happening, I stir fried some red onions, white onions and spring onions. I threw in some green pepper and cherry 🍒 tomatoes and let that fry together once done I added my potatoes in till it all came together.

~~~ for the fresh veggies,

~ cut 1 medium tomatoes 🍅

~ a little green pepper

~ a little spring onions.

== sprinkle this on your plate before serving for some added freshness.

I served it with the fish and it was delicious 😋.

Bon appetite.

Let me know how you cook healthy meals for your family on a budget.


My very own veteran

Happy veterans day

Third Culture Wife.


I have tried to keep you out of my posts because you preferred that. Today you said it was okay to write about you. And so I want to start by saying thank you for your service even though I am not American. But I recognize what you gave and sacrificed. I am in awe of your braveness and humbled that you would choose to share your journey through life with me. Thank you babe. This is for you.

You got in at a young age prepared to die for God and country

Ready to sacrifice of yourself, no matter the cost

To bleed and sweat service,

Cry unending tears at the horrors you faced.

Decisions that plague and stories no one will talk about

You gave your naiveté and the harsh realties of war spun it to experience.

The green color behind your ears turned red and dark

The blush you…

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My new home.

So since moving across continents, adjusting and making my new life work has basically been foremost on my mind.

There’s been change, joy, happiness, sadness, nostalgia, excitement, adventures had and to be had, home sickness and a cocktail of varying emotions that bombard me at various tempos.

But all in all even when it’s not been fun, it’s been adventurous. Everyone asks me what the biggest thing has been for me or what the most culture shock I have experienced is and sometimes I feel like my answers leave them disappointed lol. But that’s just me though! I try not to let too much get to me and when it does, I take my time to process it that at the end of the day it ends up being anti-climatic for everyone involved lol 😆.

But it helps me process , cope and that works for me just fine. I try not to let the wonders and faults of my new home pass me by, because I want this feeling and excitement to last longer. I don’t want to be jaded just yet, so I stop to smell the roses and acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses that she offers.

Everyone keeps telling me I had better start adapting and changing with the flow and I agree to adapting but I don’t have to change and lose myself just so that I can fit in. That’s not my way. I believe my new home and I shall come to adjust to one another’s curves till we both fit and work well together.

All in all it’s been wonderful traveling here and experiencing this way of life that’s so much more different and yet not so different at the same time.

I am curious to learn about your experiences moving, even if it’s next door lol.


Happy blogoversary to me 🎉❄️🎉

It’s been 6 years guys! Wow!

I have been blogging for 6 years and that’s something amazing and an accomplishment ! Albeit it’s been off and on but it’s been a good journey.


When In Doubt.

It’s quite easy for me (us humans) to fall into doubt, either self doubt or doubt projected at someone else or something else. We go through the motions of believing, trusting and having faith in that person/ thing but the moment things start to deviate from the path or change we start to question everything (or ourselves).

I have learned that as much as I work on my faith in myself , people and spiritually, I still fall into the trap of doubt sometimes and it can be so subtle at times I don’t even realize it’s happening till I’ve fallen.

I don’t see myself as fickle and I like to self examine and take stock of my days, actions, choices and so forth and this is what I have chosen to work on at this stage.

So I tell myself, not everything in life is Constant but God is and so is His love for me. People will disappoint me and I also will disappoint them but that’s okay because no one is perfect and our mistakes do not define us. Learn from them, grow up and move on.

When the voice of doubt comes, choose to meditate on the good, on the positive , on the progress and on what’s working rather than the negative and what’s not working.

Give your self allowances to breathe. Life is about living not just existing so learn to experience life not just writing or reading about it.

I have realized that when I do these things that are positive and edify my soul, it drowns out the voice of doubt.

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Book Review:- Escape From Bamako by Ghandi.

Have you ever read a book that you ended up getting so lost you forgot it was a book? From the Beginning of “Escape from Bamako” to the end I was enraptured by the fast paced tale unfolding before me. The Author in his maiden debut has done a fantastic Job in exploring a genre most African authors skim past. He tells events in both a serious and humorous way that captures the readers attention.

My favorite character of course is the star of the Story Sam whom at the beginning I thought would be a lackadaisical character not willing to rise to the challenge but he did.

Who would have thought that an innocent state dinner would turn into a bloody coup threatening international relations and the safety of top government officials. Cue in radio silence and the disabling of communication mediums in and out of Mali and as more of the plot enfolds we come to see that this coup is not just about a hostile takeover its also a story of vengeance that unleashes a chain reaction of betrayal, suspense, loss, victory and all the emotions that make for a great read.

If you wish to purchase the ebook with your Nigerian account, you can visit the website https://ghandi.com.ng and click on the “buy from our store” button. It’s N1,100.

The book is also available on Amazon (Kindle) at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JBTQMV1 and on Kobo at https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/escape-from-bamako


I don’t get anything from the sale of this book, I gave my honest review upon receiving the book for free from the Author . This review isn’t sponsored and I wasn’t paid.

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Book Review:- Happiness is all we want! By Ashutosh Mishra.

As far as self help books go, this one is well written and researched.

From the introduction at the start of each chapter to the tips at the last paragraph, the author carries you along by not only pointing out the problem, but providing the solution / possible solutions.

I like the break in between in the form of stories that prevent this book from being text book like and making it more relatable and practical.

A lot of self help books end up sounding abstract and unrealistic but this one goes beyond just telling you what’s wrong but showing you in this “modern age” how to tackle it and be happy.

However, I felt the book was target to only those with high drive work/ businesses unless of course they were only used as an example. Also some people with different views on meditation might not implement some of the meditation practices prescribed in the book.

Which is ok as I believe you can find ways to mediate that agree with your beliefs and way of life.

All in all this was a great read and I enjoyed it.




This is one word you hear from the moment you start to learn and understand things as a child and I believe you’ll keep hearing it no matter how old you get.

But what does waiting really mean and is there a proper way to wait?