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Crochet Mosaic Basket

My mosaic stitch basket. I am very proud of this project because it’s the first time I am making one of these and it turned out great!

This fuchsia pink yarn has been a bit of a challenge as every time I attempted to make something with it I ended up hating the combo but this turned out great! #inlove🥰😍 with how it turned out.

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Rescuing day old bread

So you bought a baguette 🥖 or some fancy Italian bread 🍞 , you didn’t eat it or eat the whole thing and now it’s dry, hard or stale.

That’s exactly what happened and I tried watching a couple YouTube videos to find out how I could restore it and make it edible again but all the recipes/ solutions involved an oven. Now if you’ve read any of my posts, you know that I don’t use my oven at the moment so I try to find recipes that don’t require one.

This is a very easy recipe that doesn’t involve you baking the bread 🍞 🥖.

What you’ll need:-

~ Bread of your choice

~ dried or minced garlic

~ butter or olive oil.

~ herbs 🌿 (optional)

The YouTube videos suggest you soak the bread in cold water then bake it in the oven for a few minutes. I tried soaking it then putting it in the pan but it only ended up soggy, so here’s how I did it.

Slice the bread 🥖 and put some butter or olive oil in the pan. You can also try buttering up the bread if you prefer.

Have your stove on low to medium heat and spread/ sprinkle your garlic powder or minced garlic into the pan and sliced bread. Place bread onto pan and when browned flip over before that side burns and then flip to the other side.

Repeat for all other slices. Serve with any sides and spreads if your choice. Bon appetite 😋.

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Loving my ‘Creative’ Self.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved seeing things come to life and creating new things out of old, existing or even brand new things. And the funny thing is through all this I never thought of myself as a creative person. In fact, I was more in awe of other people’s creativity and their abilities to present their thoughts and skills/ talents.

It’s amazing how subconsciously we bring ourselves down or even lower our esteem without even realizing it. We always compare ourselves, our looks, our gifts, our intelligence and even relationships to that of someone else and somehow ours comes up short in our minds.

So this might not be true for everyone but it was for me and when I finally realized what I had been doing to myself, I had to make deliberate strides to stop doing it and to consciously correct that pattern of thinking because it’s not healthy. Yes people will be better at things but that doesn’t mean I have to feel inferior or even act inferior and I can also appreciate others now without taking it as a competition.

However, loving my abilities or talents didn’t happen over night and sometimes I still beat myself up but in doing this, I have also realized that it has caused me to fall in love with myself more and all my various facets.

Self love is beautiful, it has nothing to do with pride or narcissism. I hope everyone gets to a point in their lives were they fall in love with themselves daily.

Crochet/knitting 🧶…


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Book Review:- Nicholas Day ‘Now that we’re alone’

Everyone one needs to read that one weird book that makes you question things. The sanity of the story or its characters for example.

That is what Nicholas Day has done with his short stories in “Now that we are alone”.

Some of these stories are bizarre and some are just down right scary.

The stories are each unique which is incredible because of how short some of them are and they still manage to shock, cause discomfort or down right scare you in a short amount of time.

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Kings and Queens

Day 5 of March Poetry Challenge.

As dominoes fall and tumble so do empires built with these hands.

My courts, knights and armies have failed and my walls torn down so I looked to you for help.

As the Invaders approached ready to plunder and steal you rebuilt us from the inside out, purified by fire and now we shine as gold stronger than ever reigning as Kings and Queens.

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Book Review:- Worth of Luck by K.A Ashcomb

Worth of Luck by K.A Ashcomb

So I read this book probably overnight because of how much I enjoyed it. It’s a breath of fresh air and a sprinkle of the old all combine in one amazingly well told story. This book packs a series of events and life lessons in every little conversation and plot twist. It is not just a book to enjoy for leisure but also a book to learn from about humanity and how we react? Act or manage resources or things we deem valuable. It paints a picture of selfishness, humility, love, sacrifice and even courage in the unlikeliest of places.

The main characters were a delight and a pain at the same times especially Harriet Stowe who I desperately wanted to dislike but ended up having a silent respect for and then there is Edbert Polluck who finally learned how to be a better human very late in life (and the story) but better late than never right?

We wouldn’t want to live out Sigourney who I deem the true heroine of this story but as with life she would probably never get the credit she deserve! Oh well 😔.

My only issue was after about page 240 or so I cane across some typographical errors which weren’t a lot but still managed to distract me. I also make spelling and typing errors but it was something I wanted to point out as constructive and not malicious.

All in all, I encourage you to read this book with a mind to learn and a willingness to enjoy the silliness and downright childishness of some of the characters. It’s just over 300 pages and you will not even notice them.


Book Review : ~Emmie of Indianapolis by Kay Castaneda.

Emmie Of Indianapolis by Kay Castaneda.

This is a coming of age story set in the 1960s with a narrative by Emmie a 12 year old girl whose life changed with a single sentence she heard from her parents. “Divorce”.

Emmie is plunged into change and separation from her father and childhood neighborhood as her mother moves them to a new place for a fresh start.

Emmie is faced with the responsibility of raising her siblings as her mom takes on a night job and spirals out of control due to bad influences and Alcohol.

Emmie is forced to grow up quickly as more and more of the responsibility for her younger siblings fall to her to handle or take care of.

In the midst all these things that battle to take away her innocence and childhood, she finds friendship in the unlikeliest of places.

This book also has undertones of spirituality in it.

It was a good read and I encourage everyone who loves to read to give it a try.

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Keeping busy

This year I sort of fell into the new year. We all have hopes and dreams and we make a ton of plans when we have the opportunity to start over or experience newness.

That’s usually the case for me whenever the new year approaches but this time around, with 2019 looking over and 2018 making a quick exit, I found myself with nothing in the way of resolutions or plans for the new year.

Obviously I want to to be beautiful, peaceful, full of love and goodness but I didn’t sit down to write what I would like to achieve this year.

And the weird thing is it didn’t bother me at all that I hadn’t made resolutions and stuff.

I do have goals which I am working towards but these are things that I had going in 2018. So I guess my question is how are you doing this new year? Did you make plans or resolutions?

Oh and here are some of my projects



We all have that one person who ends up being the klutz in the group or family.

A person who sometimes is so clumsy they are a danger to themselves 😰.

I have never really thought of myself that way; as a klutz or a clumsy person but lately I find myself feeling that way not with actions in the sense that I drop or break things or even hurt myself.

But, I have been feeling it on an emotional level both in the giving and receiving aspect. I feel like with my words, emotions, apathy and empathy, I have been a little bit clumsy in how I say what I say or my reaction and timing.

I don’t know if I should chuck it to being off balance and in a new situation and environment, or if it’s something that’s always been but I hadn’t paid attention or noticed it.

Lately it seems I get my feathers ruffled and my emotions hurt easily and maybe also doing the same. I proceed to feeling low and wanting to wallow which is unhealthy and a quick way to spiral into darker places 😭 believe me.

I tend to read, write, crochet 🧶 / knit 🧶, take care of others, clean, organize etc as a means to think clearer. They are outlets for me and a means of therapy and taking a break from everything else but lately it doesn’t hold as much appeal to do those things either.

So here I am feeling as I do when I experience writers block and the silence isn’t so quite.