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I have always loved writing. Growing up I was that child who talked a lot, sang a lot, wrote long essays, laughed a lot and made friends easily. But as I grew older, I still talked a lot but in doses and in select company. My writing grew into something I didn’t even know I had in me. I still sing and laugh and do all the stuff I enjoy doing, but not as often. My heart cries out from the need to write and express myself and yet I pick up the pen and talk myself out of it or draw a blank once pen hits paper.

And on the issue of friendships, I seem to have drifted away from them and sort of isolated myself. sometimes I miss it, sometimes I do not. yes it would be nice to have someone to hang out with and do stuff with but most of my friends do not live in the same city as I do and I haven’t particularly gone out of my way to make more. I guess sometimes I feel the efforts all on my side. Though I have never been the lonely type, so I am glad for that at least.

Alas, this post is about finding myself, purpose and love for the things I enjoy doing. I have started writing again and I am so happy about that. I have also started blogging again and not just posting pictures of my crafts and DIY which is something I am happy about. But the thing I am most happy about is making money doing the things I love.

I am being paid to write, create and develop content and also manage a couple social media pages. I never thought I would make money writing or blogging and yet it seems I am on my way to doing that and even more.

So I just want to encourage you to keep at it and never give up on your dreams. It might not look like it, but it’s there. You just have to keep on trying.


New Things And The Frustrations They Bring.

Quite a long title for what would probably be a very short post.

I love change, its not always easy and it takes a lot of adjusting to, but i don’t always mind it. For the past couple of weeks, my very good friend and I have been working on a project, but unfortunately its in an area that is a bit alien to us both and so this has been very challenging for us.

The thing that shocked us the most was the lack of help we received from those we thought we could count on. We got most of what we needed from the internet, information and instructions wise, but we needed clarification on certain things and everyone seemed to want to get paid or release the information in doses in order to get paid also.

I have nothing against wanting to make money or getting paid for your expertise and so on.

However, the word project might be a bit of a stretch and makes it sound like something big but really its a small pet project. Our Dilemma began with choosing a good hosting site and then plans and ‘html/ftp/WordPress’ control panel questions and how we know nothing about CPanel. you get the gist lol, we didn’t ask anyone to design a website or code for us, all we wanted was guidance on who and where to start. But anyways, sometimes its good to go through some situations because after much research and technical brain freeze, we were able to come to a decision and stick with one option while starting small and at our own pace.

OH well this turned out to be a mini rant after all 😂😅


Family Train Ride (The Experience)

train   google images.

We plastered on smiles as we got ready to be frozen in time with the shutter of the camera capturing our moment.

It’s quite a rare portrait you see and one I am glad to cherish for a lifetime, and yet the circumstances it was taken in were not as picturesque as the photo itself.

There we were after getting up at the crack of dawn and desperately searching for an available Uber at 5:00 am in the morning, we packed like our pants were on fire and made a dash for the train station in the dark.

As I sat there with my husband and sister in-law gazing out the window into the dark, quite and cold morning my mind was nothing like my surroundings. It raged in a storm of thoughts and I desperately tried to hold on to one for more than 5 seconds but my emotions wont let me as they ranged from anxiety of not getting any seats on the train due to the rush to getting stolen by the lone Uber driver as we sped down the lonely forest-like drive to the train station.

We made it there before 6:00 am and found that a long line had already been formed and yes my trepidation of not getting seats spiked up through the roof. I was not in the mood to travel to Kaduna by road especially that early in the morning and during the festive season to boot.

However, favor was on our side and we got numbers 170-172 (numbers were given out to keep track of the seats available on the train due to the large number of persons travelling at the time). We got to the ticketing counter and to our dismay and shock found out that the business class tickets we wanted were sold out and that our tickets were free because a telecommunications company had paid for all the seats on the train for that period and it was on a first come, first serve basis.

So yeah we got seats, free seats to boot even though they were ‘’The Seats’’ we wanted but they were better than nothing. We got on the train and left the station at 7:00am and the train was full at this point. With 4 stations along the way we could only hope the train wouldn’t be stopping to pick p more passengers but that hope was short-lived as more people got on and barely anyone getting off.

Suffice it to say the train was packed full with people standing in the isles and leaning on the seats trying to grab onto anything they could.

I discovered new smells, felt bad for my husband as he got leaned on, elbowed, push and whatnot.

All in all we got there in one piece and were very grateful to get off the train.  Had a great Christmas celebration with my husband’s family and forgot all about the horrors of the train ride with the first hugs from family. Now I can say it was totally worth it (but not back then lol)

Musings, Writing

Honest To God Writing.

As I type in this title, all I can think about is take me back!

Take me back to a time my thoughts did not need ink to flow inebriated, when it just flowed down in a rush like a broken faucet.


Take me back to the time of deep depths and bottomless wells. where my words would race down on paper leaving me baffled as to their origin.

I wanna swim the un-clogged pipe where my poetry stroked and backstroke(d) diving unhinged and unapologetic into the minds of those who dared to read my nakedness.

Take me to a time where I cared so much about not caring what you thought of my broken silence, where my words were unashamed and fiercely present.

I miss the intimate sharing

the mind sharpening

The exposing of souls through more than ”just words”.

Take me back. images used

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Bread Rolls.

Simple and easy bread rolls.

Make these in less than 5 mins.


A loaf of sliced bread.

2 raw eggs


Eggs :- boiled


Veggies of your choice


Meat (hot dogs, sausages, beaf, chicken etc)

Have fun with it and add Ingredients of your choice.


DIY kimono for Kids.

DIY Sewing project under way.

So I am currently working on this cute kimono for my 2 year old niece and believe me it’s easy but not easy at the same time lol.

So this is my first time handling a sewing machine all by myself and it’s amazing just seeing the stitches coming together and the various pieces falling into place but my stitches aren’t as neat as I had hoped lol

There’s a lot of rolling and twisting and had to deal with some bird nesting of the the bobbing thread also but all in all I feel quite accomplished for a first trial and pet project.

I will definitely show you guys the Finished result once I am done.

Don’t hesitate to share any sewing tips you might have with me. Thanks 🤗❤️😊😘