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Crochet Mosaic Basket

My mosaic stitch basket. I am very proud of this project because it’s the first time I am making one of these and it turned out great!

This fuchsia pink yarn has been a bit of a challenge as every time I attempted to make something with it I ended up hating the combo but this turned out great! #inlove🥰😍 with how it turned out.


DIY kimono for Kids.

DIY Sewing project under way.

So I am currently working on this cute kimono for my 2 year old niece and believe me it’s easy but not easy at the same time lol.

So this is my first time handling a sewing machine all by myself and it’s amazing just seeing the stitches coming together and the various pieces falling into place but my stitches aren’t as neat as I had hoped lol

There’s a lot of rolling and twisting and had to deal with some bird nesting of the the bobbing thread also but all in all I feel quite accomplished for a first trial and pet project.

I will definitely show you guys the Finished result once I am done.

Don’t hesitate to share any sewing tips you might have with me. Thanks 🤗❤️😊😘