When In Doubt.

It’s quite easy for me (us humans) to fall into doubt, either self doubt or doubt projected at someone else or something else. We go through the motions of believing, trusting and having faith in that person/ thing but the moment things start to deviate from the path or change we start to question everything (or ourselves).

I have learned that as much as I work on my faith in myself , people and spiritually, I still fall into the trap of doubt sometimes and it can be so subtle at times I don’t even realize it’s happening till I’ve fallen.

I don’t see myself as fickle and I like to self examine and take stock of my days, actions, choices and so forth and this is what I have chosen to work on at this stage.

So I tell myself, not everything in life is Constant but God is and so is His love for me. People will disappoint me and I also will disappoint them but that’s okay because no one is perfect and our mistakes do not define us. Learn from them, grow up and move on.

When the voice of doubt comes, choose to meditate on the good, on the positive , on the progress and on what’s working rather than the negative and what’s not working.

Give your self allowances to breathe. Life is about living not just existing so learn to experience life not just writing or reading about it.

I have realized that when I do these things that are positive and edify my soul, it drowns out the voice of doubt.

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