Musings, rant

My loud neighbors

I grab my pillow from under my head and cover my ears with it pressing down hard!

It’s started again, the constant stomping, dragging, banging and dragging of feet and whatever else it is my upstairs neighbor has going on in her (their) apartment.

A few weeks ago I was beyond joy when the family living in the apartment above us moved out and then it was short lived when the workmen came over ripping and drilling and making so much noice fixing up the apartment but the good thing was it didn’t last all week. Just a day or two.

Alas! I rejoiced too quickly because new tenants moved in the next day and boy were we not expecting the level of noise they would bring with them.

I literally feel like I am a part of their house hold based on how much of what I end up hearing through the walls and ceiling.

I think only one person lives there but has a partner or lover that comes over because there’s a lot of fighting and a whole lot of Love after said fight.

I turn up my TV volume during this times and do whatever I can not to be part of their private moments but it’s difficult when my apartment seems to be going through seismic waves 🌊 during those moments along with a low budget soundtrack to accompany it.

I guess I could just take a walk at those times but that’s not convenient as this is my home and it happens at all times of the day!

Okay rant over lol

How do you deal with noisy neighbors? I honestly don’t want to knock on her (their door) nor report anyone.