blog Tour

Introducing Prof. Charles French.

Hey guys! Something amazing is coming our way and I am so excited and giddy I can barely sit still!

A couple of you who follow me probably follow him too or have come across a post or more of his. 

He is Charles French and he is a fellow blogger and College Professor and he has just written his very first book! And I have had the privilege of being part of this blog tour so that all of you can get to meet him, know what he’s about and above all see this awesome book that has me on edge! (The good kind lol).

He is an expert on literature, horror, thrillers and all that makes a good book juicy enough to keep you panting for more.

Visit his blog Charles French and you will thank me.

I will be posting the interview later in the day, please read, comment,ask questions and get to meet the man behind the book.

Thanks so much guys and until later!