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Book Review:The Mystery Alliance By Taffey T Champion.

The Mystery Alliance: Prequel to Evian's Saga

Synopsis from the book.

”Before the captivating Evian Magi enters the picture and becomes a key member of The Mystery Alliance, Myth Vaga was a critical ally within their intriguing fold. He once lived among The Mystery Alliance in London, England. Yet, a serendipitous meeting and an ensuing romantic involvement with a bewitching beauty becomes the instrumental catalyst for his not surprising, but climactic betrayal.”


The Mystery Alliance by Taffey Tawanna Champion is a lovely short read that’s pleasant and full of surprises.
I love books with a great narrative and dialogue and this book has both going for it. I started out not liking Myth Vaga’s character but he ended up surprising me and that doesn’t always happen for me with a lot of books, so that was a pleasant surprise. I love how the characters were built up and following their journey to end was really fascinating for me.
I recommend this book for both individuals from different generations (age groups) and even families with young adults.

Link to my goodreads review.

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Let’s do a blog party!!!

Hey guys so been a while since I have done this. Yes I reblog and share and host guest posts regularly, but have not done a blog party in a while!

So let’s do this! it’s also a way for me to say thank you for 500 plus follows :). I have been Blogging for a looooooooooong time and have enjoyed the experience and meeting people so thank you.

Drop your suggestions, reblog and share so we can have fun!

And don’t forget we’ll be following our new friends or visiting old ones 🙂

Looking forward to it! Are you?

So it will be Friday through to Sunday. Let’s do this!!! 💪💪💪💪🙅💪💃💃💃💃👌👍👍👊 💞

Bring your blogging shoes and get dancing 😂😂👠👞👟👡

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On Relationships



Never was one for relationships

Avoided them like the plague

The mere suggestion of that bind made me wary

I daintily sidestepped all offers and gift wrapped all proposals and propositions back to the unsuited suitors

I laughed in the face of the visionary who saw a revelation of me being theirs with no prior contact or friendship (the audacity of some people is baffling and their confidence mind boggling).

You and I, happily ever after was a tale never written.

More of a disaster than anything.

To think that I would play little women good wives with you is as farfetched as you hiking Everest in a day.

No sir this was never meant to be and your happy ending never made it here.


(This piece is still unfinished and I decided to leave it that way).

By no means should any of my work be completed, edited, reproduced or rewritten without express permission from me.

Images can be found in the links below.


My image.

No resolutions for me, had enough of those! Tasks and promises bound to be broken by the 2nd of the month. No more promises just to keep you happy. 

Forgotten dreams of yours passing through me haunting my reality. Distorting the life I am living and tossing me to the past you left unfinished.

The road less traveled is a fantasy to me. 

Vaporized into a long forgotten mist in a dingy room playing the same broken record over and over looking someone else in the mirror.

A thrown vase, a shattered image.

Shards of glass, the same wrinkled image, not my face.Torn photograph. 

A new reflection.  finally my face staring back at me.

A round cherub face but mine none the less an image hidden under your expectations.

A stranger thats all me learning to love.

Hearts broken. It was bound to happen. 

Adieu it was for the best.

I have learned to forgive and love you.

I am happy here with me and I hope you are too.


The Girl(s)……

I am the girl with a smile on her face but tears in her eyes;

the good kind or maybe not,

I am the girl who goofs around just to make others laugh so that I may too;

maybe not.

I am the girl with the pleasant persona that has been drummed into me, or I’m I?

I am the lady who crosses her t’s and dots her I’s, do I really?

I am the one on the inside trying to make a run for it.

The one longing to be free.

The one who sees more than she probably should,

yet isn’t seen.

They look but they don’t see.

They hear but don’t listen.

I am the girl who is picture perfect.

Or l’m I?

Look again!



Silence is the sound I hear,

Quite the loudest whisperer.

The voices of people passing by but their words are emptying,

Leaving as quickly as they were spoken.

A thousand of you here yet it feels as none were present.

Noise the quietness that came.

You check in only to leave me void.

Your care I have taken as random,

A habit of human nature;

It barely pierces the skin but the scabs you leave  has become a cloak that covers the scars.

Standing alone in a crowded room,

Lonely in the midst of a horde.

Abandoned in a stampede of moving arms, eyes, ears and feet,

Yet no one heard when I cried out; lonesome!