Survived the 1st week

So I just started at my new job and I have gone through being anxious about getting a job to being nervous I was going to mess up the interview to being impatient they wouldn’t call me back.

I got called back and I started at my job on Monday. I came into the office and met with the person I would be taking over the position from and she’s been a blessing to me. She’s super patient, kind, and very good at teaching things that are complex and making them seem simple.

The training has been both fun and quite serious as that’s what the position calls for depending on the season and situation. You have to be the neutral space at the office between staff and clients.

It’s been overwhelming also but that has made me want to get it right and succeed even more. I believe there’s a reason I am there at this point in my life and I pray I learn what it is. I also hope I make a positive impact and change there, improving on what my predecessor has done.

So far so good.

Tell me about when you started your job or at a new place. Any advice on working for and with women?

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