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Book Review: The Innocents by C.A Asbrey.

I am a lover of all book genres but historical and regency novels hold a special place in my heart.

The Innocents by C.A Asbrey is a well written fictional story and she tells it in a fluid series of events that start up with our heroine Abigail who is a Pinkerton detective and has a charming accent smashing her mashed potato treat into a handsome strangers coat.

Call it serendipity or fate, but this chance meeting leads to many more meetings which delve into a nest of deceit, crime, murder, romance and all the glorious things that make up a great book.

The story is set up in the 1800s and the setting, timing, events and the background the story is set upon is well researched as is testament to the authors background.

If you love hunky midwestern bad boys and strong female leads then this book is for you.

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