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Upgrading Leftovers

Food 🥘 dairy #8

Left overs.

It’s with mixed emotions that I stare into the fridge whenever I have leftovers, especially those that don’t compliment one another.

But it’s also exciting because it means I don’t have to cook anything from scratch if I don’t want to 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾.

So you can always just heat them up as they are or introduce new ingredients to the mix and upgrade it into a whole new meal!

What are your favorite ways of revamping leftovers?





On my plate I have #mixedveggies #stirfry #noodle #indomie #chicken #irishpotatoes #srambledeggs #salmon etc


In my #mickey #mug #mickeymug is cranberry juice 🥤.


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