As work starts and everyone rushes towards something, my partner and I find ourselves planning and dreaming towards a time where we can smile and look back at all we’ve built and achieved.
For us working 8-5 or whenever our employer deems a good time to close isn’t the end game. As much as it meets a need and puts food on the table, it doesn’t fill the hole inside. It leaves us feeling empty and exhausted but never fulfilled or satisfied.
Most people dream of running their own business, but for us it’s not just a dream or want, it’s a force of need. To be able to do what we love all day long will be too good to live up in a dream. We would rather make it a reality.
However, as with everything in life, you have to start somewhere and be willing to put in the work, time, energy and patience. Some days you’ll cry, others you’ll laugh out loud with joy. But through it all, never forget why you started and why you are doing it.

4 thoughts on “Retirement?”

  1. Being in my sixth year of retirement, your post definitely caught my eye. You make a very good point about he work-place. Many folks simply do not like their jobs. I taught at a small historically black university in Mississippi for thirty-seven years.

    I remember at one point wanting to quit and start my own business, but I didn’t. I often wonder how different would things be had I done so. I think also that I didn’t do it, because I loved teaching as well, but it did get monotonous.–every job does. I didn’t like my boss and eventually I became the boss!

    I was chair of the English department for ten years. the move up came at the right time. It gave me a real boost, to say the least. All in all, I look back and I’m happy that I was happy. And the job provides me with a really good pension!

    I am insanely happy with retirement. But, and I think you also realize this, you have to prepare for retirement in two ways: one–financially, the other–health-wise. You’ve got to take care of yourself while you’re young. Many people here in the south simply don’t. From what you say about yourself and your husband, you look as if you are doing fine in that department. Keep up the good work. Eat healthy and drink water!

    Oh, one last blurb. I went through some of your previous posts and on “the LDR.” My wife asked her mother, before we were married, what is the best way to have a great marriage? Her mother answered without hesitation: “Live separately.” πŸ™‚

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    1. I love your mother in-law already πŸ˜ƒ. LDRs are hard especially when you have to keep planing separately and spending separately, but they can also be rewarding in their own way. I am so happy you finally found Peace and happiness at work. I believe all of us aspire for that or something very close to it. It’s all good and fine to want to turn ones passion into money, but sometimes it to can get tedious so always advice friends and family to always try and find a balance . And I will definitely take your advice about retirement to heart and will work to save and be in good health. Thank you so much Paul πŸ€—. I will also drink more πŸ’¦ water πŸ’§

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