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I have always loved writing. Growing up I was that child who talked a lot, sang a lot, wrote long essays, laughed a lot and made friends easily. But as I grew older, I still talked a lot but in doses and in select company. My writing grew into something I didn’t even know I had in me. I still sing and laugh and do all the stuff I enjoy doing, but not as often. My heart cries out from the need to write and express myself and yet I pick up the pen and talk myself out of it or draw a blank once pen hits paper.

And on the issue of friendships, I seem to have drifted away from them and sort of isolated myself. sometimes I miss it, sometimes I do not. yes it would be nice to have someone to hang out with and do stuff with but most of my friends do not live in the same city as I do and I haven’t particularly gone out of my way to make more. I guess sometimes I feel the efforts all on my side. Though I have never been the lonely type, so I am glad for that at least.

Alas, this post is about finding myself, purpose and love for the things I enjoy doing. I have started writing again and I am so happy about that. I have also started blogging again and not just posting pictures of my crafts and DIY which is something I am happy about. But the thing I am most happy about is making money doing the things I love.

I am being paid to write, create and develop content and also manage a couple social media pages. I never thought I would make money writing or blogging and yet it seems I am on my way to doing that and even more.

So I just want to encourage you to keep at it and never give up on your dreams. It might not look like it, but it’s there. You just have to keep on trying.


  1. Very good post and excellent advice. We have to keep at it. The great news is that all we need is a pencil and paper! So I’m glad you’re back on the blogging path. I hope your weekend is great and full of inspiration!

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  2. Thank you for this, it is quite amazing to find out that I am a not the only one dealing with kinds of stuff, so when I get to read a post like this, I am encouraged. I am just getting back to blogging again, after a long hiatus.

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      1. God Bless you dear and I am so happy that this post was timely for you. I totally relate also and its been difficult just communicating my thoughts and bringing myself to write them down. But I am taking baby steps and hopefully it will grow and be better than before. I will be sure to check out your blog also. Thanks for stopping by.


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