New Things And The Frustrations They Bring.

Quite a long title for what would probably be a very short post.

I love change, its not always easy and it takes a lot of adjusting to, but i don’t always mind it. For the past couple of weeks, my very good friend and I have been working on a project, but unfortunately its in an area that is a bit alien to us both and so this has been very challenging for us.

The thing that shocked us the most was the lack of help we received from those we thought we could count on. We got most of what we needed from the internet, information and instructions wise, but we needed clarification on certain things and everyone seemed to want to get paid or release the information in doses in order to get paid also.

I have nothing against wanting to make money or getting paid for your expertise and so on.

However, the word project might be a bit of a stretch and makes it sound like something big but really its a small pet project. Our Dilemma began with choosing a good hosting site and then plans and ‘html/ftp/WordPress’ control panel questions and how we know nothing about CPanel. you get the gist lol, we didn’t ask anyone to design a website or code for us, all we wanted was guidance on who and where to start. But anyways, sometimes its good to go through some situations because after much research and technical brain freeze, we were able to come to a decision and stick with one option while starting small and at our own pace.

OH well this turned out to be a mini rant after all 😂😅

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