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14 thoughts on “Leave me”

  1. Hi I saw you over at Jacqueline’s place. I could never leave a sweet heart in a stupor wallowing in anything especially pain. It’s my wish and prayer for you that your heart finds rest and that you know you are beautifully amazing just the way you are! I hope I’m not too much sunshine for you. My girl says I’m too darn happy sometimes and that isn’t true I’m content, there a big difference. Either way I hope and wish for peace to reign in your heart, mind and soul! Sending you hugs! So happy to visit you today via our friend!~ღ ✿ Here’s an orange flower for you to brighten your day! It’s my favorite color.

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    1. Aww Michelle Marie thank you so much. I am most definitely happy for your Ray of sunshine. It is most needed. God bless you. And I am happy to let you know that this poem a a much more upbeat reply. Will post it soon. Thank you 😊


      1. OH good. It’s funny because no everyone likes it. I’ve had my share of trials and troubles but something that I’ve always had one this light and belief that this too will pass and things will get better and they always do. Maybe not like I would wish them to but nevertheless I still find a reason to smile. Even if it’s the taste of my coffee in the morning ~ღ I love your profile art. It’s really eye catching! Big hugs to you! ~ღ

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          1. I love that. I think the same about joy. People that can steal your joy I call them joy suckers. 😛 I try to avoid them but sometimes it’s hard to do. LOL I love the name Ezra. My sweet nephew is named Ezra…I love the last name of Scarlet. I should have had more children! 😀 I would so name them Ezra Scarlet! ~✿✿✿~

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  2. always said your words are explosive…restraining yourself from what you face everyday won’t help..I’ve been there trust me. Everyone has their demons who fret our wits but we overcome them because we came all this way and its not by luck.. You are more than what you can ever go out there and blow some stuff!!!!!!!!

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