blog Party

Blog Party Rules.

Hey guys it’s the day of our blog party!!!

Simple rules

Don’t forget to introduce yourself 🙂

  1. follow this blog

  2. Follow blog of party attendee’s

  3. Visit 3 or more blogs in the party

  4. Like and also comment.

5. Invite others to the blog party (reblog and share party post)

  1. Drop your link only once but you can comment or reply to others as often as you want during the party weekend. 

How it will work.

-I will post the party post soon. Comment on that post.

-Comment your blog link or link a post on the comment section on the new post.

  • be nice to others 

  • don’t forget it will last the whole weekend till Sunday so even if you have already posted visit others and repay the compliments and courtesy.

Thanks guys!!! 

Let’s do this!

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