Eyes wide shut is the feeling I have.

Eyes wide shut is the feeling I have.
I blink several times b’cos my vision is blurred,
I take a second look to find you still standing there.
How can this be?
What sorcery’s this?
This must be a trick,
For my mind knows the truth my eyes won’t tell and the lies my heart yearns to believe.
You see, it’s the way
the image I see tends to sway
lightly and you seem surreal with the ray of the sun piercing the window screen.
Come what may,
It’s a game you play,
Ripping the control I have you toy with the emotions I try to keep at bay.
I may be giddy and feeling gay,
But it must come to an end this foreplay,
Because its nothing but a fantasy
A mirage of my desires
It’s not a dream for I’m wide awake.

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