Hey awesome people.
I would like to share a post of someone special.
She has a real neat blog. please do check her out.



Bimbo sat on her bed and stared at her book with frustration, she couldn’t read,her room mates were at it again. It was always one party gist,or about some guys and their different sexual escapades… This girls were surely shameless Bimbo thought,but she never talked to them.
*****Bimbo sat at the rear of the class with her back to the wall,she was passing glances at her course mates,Tara and Vivian. Vivian needed an advice,a guy had asked her out and requested she followed him to a party that night. She didn’t think it was a nice idea,she had never been to a night party before, all she needed was someone to either dissuade her or encourage her into it,Tara suggested she went for the party and just have fun…Bimbo watched but said nothing, She just prayed in her heart that God would save vivian.
*****A lot of us are like…

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