Flying Solo Part I

in the spirit of Sharing here’s one blog you do not want to miss!
Are you a military girlfriend or wife? are you in a long distance relationship? or can you relate? well even if you arent or dont, then if you appreciate good writing and would also like to learn some cool things, then hop over and check out this blog you’ll thank me.

Dating Through the Distance

My Love and I are finally making set plans to see each other at the end of my semester!!! This will be my first trip flying out to see him instead of him coming home.  I have flown before but this will also be my first flight alone.  With that being said, I am preparing early to make things go as smoothly as possible.

My first step was to get a plane ticket.  My Love had been searching flights for months so he knew when the best time to purchase was.  When that time came, I used Kayak to do so.  The best deal for my round trip flight was $540.

Once my flight was booked, and things were actually set in stone, I was in search of a carry-on bag and a luggage set.  I was happy to find the perfect carry-on at Goodwill, it was only 5 dollars!!!…

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