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Building Of A Community. Drop your Links..

So this sort of happened to me. I am usually reblogging other love, sharing and meet and greet posts.

Until Today when i started recieving links of my own to share.

So if you would like for me to share or reblog your posts, please drop your links in the comments section below.

And in the spirit of community and growth, dont hesistate to click on a link and drop a friendly hello on someone elses blog.

I hope to connect with you all and looking forward to sharing and reading your posts!



23 thoughts on “Building Of A Community. Drop your Links..”

    1. Awesome! i would love to share your work Sarah i am a huge fan (as i am sure you can tell), I can understand what you mean. Sometimes the offer to share ends up going bad and i wouldnt want anyone to feel like the wrong attention was being drawn to thier work. But I am happy you want mind. thank you

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          1. Yes, thank you very much for your effort! I have tried to change the Sharing settings so as to activate the Reblog Button and even if my settings are now that it is activated it still does not show up. So I’m a bit perplexed about this. If it’s not working then maybe shrug it off with a smile would seem the easy-going solution to this 🙂
            Anyway Io me it’s already great that you tried regardless the outcome!
            Have a great day!!!

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