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Second Chances By Guzomaki.

As I step outside with feet of uncertainty,
A thought to myself , am I ready,
The sight around me, faces all  cheering,
But closer I peer, to see them sneering,
Defining success and it’s meaning to me,
Loving their voices as they preach melancholy,
“You won’t make it with that”, they scream at my dream,
“Do this and that”, they say with convictions of folly,
Hands to my ears, lids tightly closed,
I retreat to silence, but my strength fails,
As doubts open my eyes and tear at my fingers,
It’s will like hooves striking my back,
Determined to make me earth as others before me.
But there’s a light, in the dirt
Alas I see, where I am now,
My fiery crucible, the metal beating furnace
My ultimate test, to climb up to the surface
Where my dream lays, high above doubt.

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