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Another Award!!!! whoop whoop!

Another award!!! So  chape  nominated me for the lovely blog award! What?!!!

Can you tell I am excited?

Thank you so much for the comments, likes, visits that you have showered on me. I am very thankful.

You guys should check out this blog its amazing! Especially if you want to keep fit!

Award Rules:

  1. You must thank the person who nominated you and includes a link to their blog.You must list the rules and display the award
  2. You must list the rules and display the award.You must add 7 facts about yourself
  3. You must nominate 15 other bloggers and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

The Facts.

I realize that every time I do these awards the facts change lol

  1. I am a Christian.   This isn’t for anyone’s comfort or discomfort, its who I am.
  2. I am a giver. It annoyed a couple of my friends back in school because they taught I was gullible because of it.
  3. I can be very annoying. Its true ask my family and boo.
  4. I enjoy being a part of my “tribe” and this word here has nothing to do with language. Might explain in another post.
  5. I am proud to be Nigerian even with all the negativity out there about my country.
  6. I am proud to be Hausa. I love my language and dialect. There’s just something about Hausa in spoken form, its almost musical (I might be biased for obvious reasons).
  7. I can be disconnected sometimes and very unaware of all that’s around me. And I can also be the exact opposite.


The Nominees!!!!!!……

Kaye                                        nishita                         Parveen

sarah Doughty.                   Akhila                              whimsical

kingsoracle.                      An ordinary girl                     creating a home

Swetha M                              Joseph N                   Lynz

rosieeek                       Stephen P         Di

Please if I didn’t tag you doesn’t mean you don’t mean alot to me or shouldn’t have one. Please feel free to grab this award.

Y’all all have lovely blogs and I look forward to your posts.

Thanks guys.


23 thoughts on “Another Award!!!! whoop whoop!”

  1. Thanks and congrats for the nomination. You deserve it and in India we use lotus flower for worshipping our deities. You know the lotus flower blooms in Muddy water. You are like a flower rising in the country which may have some problems. Keep smiling


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