New Year Awards!

NishitaΒ has awarded me the following. Its a very pleasant surprise seeing as familiar and new awards are part of the package. Thank you so much Nishita.

If you haven’t met this amazing person now is your chance just click on the link above. You’ll thank me for it.

So I decided to save them for the new year. It is my happy new year to all the amazing blogs I follow. Please pick anyone or all and hopefully I be the first person to give an award to you this 2016. Happy new year. 😊


So, here are the awards I have been nominated for :Β 

  1. The versatile blogger awardx2
  2. The infinity dreams award
  3. Blogger recognition award
  4. The creative blogger award
  5. The liebster blog award
  6. Premio dardos bloggers

THANKYOU so much. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “New Year Awards!”

    1. Thank you so much. Really psyched about it. That’s why I decided to make it available to all instead of tagging specific people. Please feel free to grab them if your blog is award friendly. Let me know if you do. Thanks 😊😊😊😊😊😁.

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  1. Many congratulations on receiving so many awards!.They’re very well desrved – your blog is brilliant, and so successful! Thank you for the pingback to me, and offering me one, too. It’s very much appreciated. I’d love to do the Infinity Dreams one and would gladly accept that. Just one thing … Do I need to follow the link back to the person who nominated you to find the logo and rules?
    Thank you again! πŸ˜€

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