Crazy world

A mother daughter lesbian relationship seriously? A new minority really? Please comment your thoughts. Want to know other normal people exist.


what the actual fuck! Pardon my profanity. But what is this world turning into tho??? image

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35 thoughts on “Crazy world”

  1. I read the back story to this! The picture was used without this mother/daughter’s permission and they made up this very gross story about them. They have been trying to get this story off line. I believe they are also suing. The picture was just a photo from a family photo shoot they took. The internet is horrible for always creating mean and disgusting stories about people.

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        1. Sorry, I meant to reply to Jen’s comment where she said that the story is made up and the mother and daughter’s photo was used without their permission.

          I’d like to read more about that story, because it seems like that happens a lot more now, because of how easy it is to take a posted photo off a social media site or, any website, and use it somewhere else without the original poster’s permission or even knowledge.

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  2. If it is true that someone made up this story, I’m truly appalled. Why anyone should want to do that to anyone is beyond my understanding. It’s hard to comment on it as an article, without knowing the truth behind it. I’m sure it’s already stirred some very strong feelings around the world. How sad for the mother and daughter, whether it’s true or not.

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    1. People make things up on the internet for sensationalism and getting traffic on their pages.

      That’s ridiculous, and I hope the mother and daughter win their lawsuit.

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          1. It’s a real tragedy that this mother and daughter have been subjected to all this adverse publicity, whether the story is true or not. I’m sickened by the thought that anyone could do something so damaging to others simply to boost their own popularity. It’s a sad world with people like that around. I’m glad I read about this on your post because for some reason I hadn’t heard about it.I’ll be looking out now to see what happens about it.

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  3. I apologize for what I’m going to say.
    But it’s disgusting~~~
    The mother should be jailed.
    If she was never born would be better!
    If they were not mother & daughter was already something wrong.
    But this is really, realy DI~S~GU~S~TING!
    I hope it’s a make-believe story!


  4. I think the news must verify in his really meaning, we live in the société du spectacle and every things may be a matter of to be on the spotlight. Excuse me I am from Italy and it is a very difficult thing to comment those stories. Anyway if this comment is out of topic please delete it. Fraternity to all, good people. ☺

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  5. I did not believe that story for one minute. That is why I’m so much against posting personal photos online because you never know who will choose deface it. Once it is there, someone can grab it, permissions or not. There was a case a few years ago about a woman whose photos were stolen from her social media site and used on a dating website to get men to register. She found out when BBC documentary producers contacted her to tell her about it. Crazy, right?

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