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On Relationships



Never was one for relationships

Avoided them like the plague

The mere suggestion of that bind made me wary

I daintily sidestepped all offers and gift wrapped all proposals and propositions back to the unsuited suitors

I laughed in the face of the visionary who saw a revelation of me being theirs with no prior contact or friendship (the audacity of some people is baffling and their confidence mind boggling).

You and I, happily ever after was a tale never written.

More of a disaster than anything.

To think that I would play little women good wives with you is as farfetched as you hiking Everest in a day.

No sir this was never meant to be and your happy ending never made it here.


(This piece is still unfinished and I decided to leave it that way).

By no means should any of my work be completed, edited, reproduced or rewritten without express permission from me.

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35 thoughts on “On Relationships”

    1. Lol started it a while back with some angst. Stumbled upon it and couldn’t remember whether I wanted to continue ranting or end on a happy not. 😢 its safe to say I am stuck.
      But who knows?
      Thank you for the encouragement


  1. I really like the way you ended it. I mean I can’t tell the difference whether it’s completed or not. Actually, at some point, I found it interestingly funny 🙂

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    1. Lol I am glad you do. I live in Nigeria. Boys, I call them boys because men shouldn’t do such, tell you stories about seeing visions of dating or marrying you. Believe me it is both funny and annoying


    1. I am currently lost as to where it should go. Started it a while back and just found it recently. Don’t know if I will ruin it or not.
      Thank you for the lovely comments. And the love on Twitter really appreciate it.

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  2. Hi Atomic Words,
    You seem to be a popular blogger. That’s great to see your engaged community. I wanted to watch your Starbucks video, read your opinion and comment. We are watching TV, so I couldn’t stop to listen. I thought I could read.
    I therefore don’t know your opinion but would like to share mine. I think people get too upset about things. I teach in LAUSD. If it had been a credible threat, and I went to school today, I could have died. And people are stressing over a couple of a cup?!
    At any rate, we met on Danny’s site. Thanks for liking my comment. Danny’s a great guy. He shouldn’t feel guilty. He tries to help people.

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    1. I am so humbled that you think so. And ecstatic you took out the time to check out my blog and read my posts. This particular article j reblogged from a different blog. I couldn’t believe someone was making a fuss over a cup not wishing him merry Christmas. I live in Nigeria, the last thing on anyone’s mind is whether or not anyone wished them a merry Christmas no less a cup😕. They all just want it to be peaceful and quite.
      I am so happy you took the time to connect. So I am going to follow your blog so we can connect more. Have a lovely and peaceful December 😊. And God bless Danny for all the great people I get to meet!!

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