The Wearying Kind of Love

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Pure Lifeology

The Wearying Kind of Love


Your husband just left on a 5 month training stint with the navy, which will then be followed immediately by a deployment.  You are left with a baby, three children between the ages of 8-11 years old and an adult mentally and physically handicap dependent.  The unique part about this particular situation is that the baby and 8 year old are the only biological children of this amazing women.  The other 3 “children” are siblings that she has taken in after her mother died of pancreatic cancer.  This puts weary in a whole new perspective for me.  

On top of being a mother to this motley crew of 5, Michelle McKinney finds herself taking on a fight that she would have never expected.  The Department of Defense’s regulations do not permit her to add an incapacitated adult sibling as a dependent.  She has tried every…

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