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My very own veteran

I have tried to keep you out of my posts because you preferred that. Today you said it was okay to write about you. And so I want to start by saying thank you for your service even though I am not American. But I recognize what you gave and sacrificed. I am in awe of your braveness and humbled that you would choose to share your journey through life with me. Thank you babe. This is for you.

You got in at a young age prepared to die for God and country

Ready to sacrifice of yourself, no matter the cost

To bleed and sweat service,

Cry unending tears at the horrors you faced.

Decisions that plague and stories no one will talk about

You gave your naiveté and the harsh realties of war spun it to experience.

The green color behind your ears turned red and dark

The blush you once knew a frozen memory.

Your eyes were bared to humanity at its worse, your skin scorched by the hatred of men and the sun yet you pressed on

For the safety of those left behind

For the freedom of those to come.

You were called selfish this holiday and ignored by those who meant the most

I remember how it broke your heart.

7 years you gave one word to take it away.

You isolate yourself to avoid hurt.

But if you let me, I want to share the burden, walk beside you

Kiss the scars

Hug the cold frozen corners and crevices of the darkness

That shadows you

Shine light on them.

And love you with all that I have to give.

Let me serve you too.

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