Ok so I am hosting a couple friends tomorrow all by myself and I am NERVOUS!!!! 

I am used to entertaining guest yea but they were never mine! Other people did the talking while I seem leash laid out the food and removed the plates when they where done and maybe laugh here and there.

So I have my appetizers down and dessert all done. Just the main course which will be made tommorow.

So what worries me is the entertainment part since I have the food sorted out.

What do I do? Play music in the background? Suggest games in between meals? Or hope some one brings up and interesting topic since luckily for me they all know one another. 

I need help!!!!

Somebody! Anybody!!!!



10 thoughts on “Nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….”

  1. Since it’s so close to Halloween, you might want to do some Halloween-y entertaining. Scary movies, scary music, fun games or whatever. Ask your guests, what’s their fave Halloween pastime? You’ll come up with some super-great stuff! I hope you have a great time šŸ™‚

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  2. You know i will gladly comment on this please avoid carrying any book not even your phones because i know you one second your listening and the next your all wraped inside a book forgetting you have people with you….. All the best sis

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