My image.

No resolutions for me, had enough of those! Tasks and promises bound to be broken by the 2nd of the month. No more promises just to keep you happy. 

Forgotten dreams of yours passing through me haunting my reality. Distorting the life I am living and tossing me to the past you left unfinished.

The road less traveled is a fantasy to me. 

Vaporized into a long forgotten mist in a dingy room playing the same broken record over and over looking someone else in the mirror.

A thrown vase, a shattered image.

Shards of glass, the same wrinkled image, not my face.Torn photograph. 

A new reflection.  finally my face staring back at me.

A round cherub face but mine none the less an image hidden under your expectations.

A stranger thats all me learning to love.

Hearts broken. It was bound to happen. 

Adieu it was for the best.

I have learned to forgive and love you.

I am happy here with me and I hope you are too.


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