MY MAN (pt2) by Miss Tomisin A.

Hey guys been a few days. Decided to post the follow up to Tomisins My man. hope you like it.

When The Lord turned away the captivities of Isreal,
They were like them that dream.
There will be times when we will be powerless to injustice
When we will be so hopeless and weak
Grim and low-spirited
When there will be no one to turn to
No family, no friends
All we’ll get will be perfidy and hate
Nobody will speak truth
Nobody will love and care
They won’t give a red scent what we do,
Then, depression starts lurking by,
Tears of pain and regrets,
To give up, becomes a choice,
Suicide comes into the picture,
Mephistophelean thoughts,
Oh dear, please stop..chill
Drop the weapon for a sec,
Are you deaf??
Hold it there…….Emmanuel.
I’m not preaching,
I’m not saying it’ll be okay
I’m not telling you’re gonna get out,
I’m not telling you to be a Christian,
I’ve not even opened my Bible yet,
All I’m going to tell you is
There’s a man called “GOD”.


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