MY MAN. Pt1 (by Tomisin).

Tomisin A. is a friend of mine. She occasionally lets me post some of her work on my blog. She loves to write and Sew and this is a two part series of hers. Hope you enjoy the first part. The second part will be posted shortly.

First time I heard about him,
I was really young,
Unripe for marriage.
He met with my parents,
Told them He was in love with me,
I never saw him,
But I knew when he was around
He gave my parents loads of cash
To take care of me,
Everything I needed,he gave me
Even before I asked,
He paid all my tuition fees,
Bought me clothes,
I hadn’t even seen him before,
He was too good to me,
This love is unending,
Even when I act wrong,
He’ll be merciful and love me more
I told mum, ‘I want to meet this man
How can he love me like this,
Why is he hiding from me,
Favoring me all year long
And yet doesn’t want to see me?’
Nobody could give me a valid answer
So daddy was ready to create a meeting
He told me to go to my room,
That He was there, I was happy
I went, I saw nobody
I went back to Dad, I didn’t see anybody
He asked me to go back, i did.
Still didn’t see him
I was tired, I felt deceived
Then Daddy asked me to call on him,
Said I should call his name
Lol, I don’t even know his name
He said I should try ‘Jehovah’
I went back, I called on him,
He spoke to me,
He said, “I love you,
I’ll protect you from the snares of fowler
I’ll always be with you,
I’ll be your shield,
Your haters will bow to you
I’m your father, your creator”
He’s a mysterious man,
He’s the law itself,
What kind of guy is this?
Mummy calls him ‘Rose of Sharon’
He’s my first love,
He’s a man called ‘GOD’

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