so you were in love with me yesterday.

This piece is a bit of everything. It’s jumbled and not completely comprehensive but it makes all the sense in the world to me. Was a bit jumbled myself this night so I decided to find release the only way I know how through my writing. Sometimes it comes out as a poem, other times you get this in betweener that tries so hard to make sense(lol) honestly sometimes I feel like a toddler trying to communicate but failing abysmally. Hope you like it. 

You didn’t say I love you today. 

You didn’t tell me I make you laugh.

You couldn’t wait to say goodbye, eager to end the thread of our conversation. You never hesitated once to end it.

  You say I make you happy. 

Told me my eyes are stars and my smile like the rising sun; slow but sure then suddenly blinding.

Yet you didn’t fall in love with me today.

My silliness the charm you wore around your neck now a rag you wish to discard. 

My wittiness a coping mechanism I thought you understood and recognize, now a thorn in your side.

The same things I believed you love are the same things to irritate you.

I am not me without the other. To change I have tried but it was a me that took away a lot.

A me I did not wish to converse with. A me staid, dreary and dry.

So you love me today but you were in love with me yesterday.

For a foot I did put wrong and pride a choke hold it had. I didn’t say sorry.

Till the moment it was valued until it became crass and callous, sorry I didn’t say.

You didn’t fall in love with me today and it made me see the difference.

I am so sorry if you’ll still have it.

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