A culture by Gokuzimaki

“So lately i have decided a little variety wont hurt. Si i decided to post a little something by Friends. Hope you enjoy it”.

You tell me to listen,
but not speak back.
You say there’s a reason,
So just sit back.

As culture dictates,
So must I follow,
This path of submission,
Leaving me hollow.

Will there be a change,
Will we ignite our minds,
Will they burn bright,
Will my ember become inferno.

As we stay still,
With clinging failed tradition,
Watching the world spin,
Spin and pass us by.

You raise us as slaves,
Curse us for not being leaders.
Tell us to take the reigns,
Yet you still have a tether.

My culture is tainted,
And begs cleansing.
My culture is dated,
Refusing us existing.


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