Lazy cloud by Gokuzimaki

                                        This is a poem by a friend of mine. he’s had it sitting on his shelf of awesomness. finally decided to share a bit of it with the rest of us. hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I didn’t look down
Beneath me you were
In my beauty you stared
Glad you did I peered
As I soared ahead
Your wish I heard

O lazy cloud, without a care
You drift so far without fear
I wish so much to be like you
MagnifIcent in beauty
Lazy and timeless

How greedy you are,
Having it all,
yet wanting more,
Believing you are subJect
Remaining a master,
If only you knew,
What power u held,
Would you desire,
this place I have held

My wish you’ll listen.
O lazy man, with worries afoot,
You move of your will,
You think of your own,
I wish so much, to be as you
Not obedient to the winds,
Nor slave to the sun
Doing as you desire
Your wants the norm


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