Endless possibilites!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

Endless possiblities is what I’d call such a day.

The option of just lazing around is tempting, but that just leaves me with my thoughts and the probability of me worrying, over analizing and obssessing about my future will end up ruining the day, so next!

I would love to curl up on a bean bag or comfy swing and read a good book. Probably re-read the Alchemist or one of the Numerous books I purchased while in the university that I still havent gotten to yet.

The temptation to go spend the whole day at the Cinema with a bucket of pop corn also slithers in and I consider this as a good choice too.

But all in all. I’d rather spend the day watching a movie or playing Video games with my boyfriend. Not obsessing or over analizing anything, just curled up on the couch with him and enjoying a stress free day. probably with a bucket of ice cream to make the fantasy complete.

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