WHY SHE IS BLACK AND SORE………… (courtesy of the lovely miss Tomisin).

image (3)
They called me weak,
That I wasn’t competent enough,
They said it’s a man’s world,
(Lol. I neither agree nor disagree)
My only aim should be marriage,image (2)
That I shouldn’t be too boxed-up
So it won’t intimidate ‘him’
They told me to shut the hell up,
To remain a taciturn daughter of eve,
To stop my wonted candor.
And then you step on me,
My integrity, my value, my heart,
You don’t count me as important
You ignore my opinions,
You see me as an object,a thing
Y’all are crazy. Jokers
I birthed all you mindless talkers,
I gave y’all life,
I gave up my all for y’all,
I satisfied your sexual desires,
I even gave you child,
I think it’s called motherhood
Carrying a life or two for almost a year,
Patent and limpid wisdom.
I’m a nurturer,
I prayed for you, even when I was hurt,
All those fake smiles, for your friends
You cheated, I still made dinner,
And dessert.
Because I’m a black woman?
I’m mad at you.
Too many crap society has required of me
Too many nonsense they say,
Too many rules laid down,
And then too many f^cks I don’t give


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