war cry

Third Culture Wife.


Slowly sinking to the bottom
Drowning with each breath;
Helpless to stop the inevitable.
The placebos wearing off, but the effect remains.
Itโ€™s choking the very life out of me.
But shaking it off, I kick hard to touch the sun at the surface.
Breaking through, taking in mouthfuls I breathe.
Awakening to the reality of my nightmare;
Your presence reminds me of our insipid existence.
I am insipient of my role in this.
Running away, a minor impertinence thatโ€™s easy for you to flick off your shoulder.
Confident in your ability to press my buttons, getting me to dance to your tune.
Your legions hound my heels as I pick up the pace to distance me from you.
The fear of being lost without you threatens to cripple my resolve.
My identity I gave up to you.
Finding me doesnโ€™t appeal because it means searching in you.

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