Third Culture Wife.


Grapes, berries, plums, lemons, oranges, water and ice.

v  Squeeze oranges and lemons.

v  Blend grapes, berries and plums.

v  Pour into a blender with ice and blend it all together.

Best served cold.

 Main Course.

A heart.

Broken, shrivel, chipped off around the edges, shrinking by the hour.

         Brownish and draining of blood.

Leaking and trickling down its entrance.

v  Squeezed into the cold juice,

v  blended together with more ice,

Served for a meal of on: Made with desperation, helplessness, tears, searching, longing, emptiness, flickering hope, staggering beam of faith, my limping belief.

And most of all my last lifeline.

The knowledge that I can’t go on like this, refusal to settle for this, and the feeling that more has to exist spurs me on.

On the path of offering what I have left on this broken platter of Wood.


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