Third Culture Wife.

cropped-img_4370.jpgMon Dieu! What have I done?

Β  There I was sulking, feeling empty and alone. Saying, ranting and raving the words abandoned.

Instead, it dawned on me that I did the walking away. I severed all connection from you.

There I was in a loving relationship with all you can eat buffet and a blank check. Yet my eyes wandered, Familiarity breeding contempt and comfortability.

So I stepped away to seek thrill and adventure elsewhere. Thinking the grass must be greener on the other side. But the harsh truth I learned the hard way is that the grass is bitter, thorny, brown and dried up. Yet I continued to deceive myself, making up excuses.

Till the cold water of reality, a bucket full of it was dowsed on me with common sense, which I now know isn’t common at all. Brought my frozen heart to boiling point, causing an irate…

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