I Promise. By the beautiful and talented miss Tomisin.

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You saw me and smiled,
And said to me ‘you’re beautiful’
I blushed, I’m happy.
They envied our friendship,
It was genuine, no lies.
Then we started growing,
We became family
Romance came to our knowledge
I noticed the feelings you had for me,
Sadly,I didn’t feel same
You watched me have boyfriends,
You saw me through heartbreaks,
I disrespected you so much,
I took you for granted,
I knew you loved me,
You tolerated my fifty shades of ‘shit’
I remember you cried so hard,
You begged me to stop,
I was sorry,
And then I came to my senses,
Then I started feeling the same as you,
but I didn’t speak
I was confused, change scares me.
I’m so stupid,I fought with you,
This malice destroyed our friendship,
It’s worse now, I’m in love with you.
I got tired,I miss you,
I grabbed my bag,
I was on my way to your office,
To kiss you, and be lovers.
My phone rang, it was your sister
She said ‘Tomi come to the house’
I did, you died.
I’ll always love you forever.

I promise.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Tomisin Adekunle



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