A Tight-Spot


sad_lady_by_Linfry My name is Debby Etuk and  am about to tell a very short story about by complicated life. I am the first born of my parents and my dad left us along the way; and my mum happened to remain single for a long time until recently; but i’ll get back to that.

 When I got into the university, I never planned to have a boyfriend before getting into final year but incidentally, I met Wuke in my second year at the university and he means a lot to me. Wuke is the kind of guy who would come into a girl’s life and turn it from boring to extremely exciting, he brings out the best in me. Wuke and I bonded deeply and we share a rare chemistry. Wuke takes me to fun places and he always knows what to say to cheer me up whenever i was…

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