Hey guys this piece is by a friend of mine. Her writing is simple, sweet and straight to the point. hope you enjoy it.
She always told me she loves me
She never turned down the volume
Kept telling, kept reminding
Expressing herself better each new day
Saying she’ll stay by me come what may
Come rain, Come shine
She said she’ll be mine…

She didn’t mind being vulnerable
It was her strength
Infact, it brought her miracle…
The others said the same and still failed me
How was I to blame
I did not believe her until it happened ..

In that moment she didn’t utter a word
just enjoying each others’ company as usual
Then I saw it in her eyes
Raw emotions no words could have described
I saw true love, love that knew no conditions
I was spell bound, I knew what I had found
Love so profound.

I knew I had found the one
And it was urgent to make her mine alone
Before the universe comes to blow her away
Away to a reality I’ll never feature in.

By Shayo.


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