Disney Princes are all grown up now.


Disney and Castles in the air.

It’s not enough that we dedicated our childhood to watching cartoons and living in fantasies, building dream homes and sailing on childish wishes of discovering that we’re secret princesses waiting for prince charming to bestow true loves first kiss while unrealistically slaying a dragon that’s the size of a trailer truck or larger, while riding the trademark white horse with the shiny shield.

Of course all we came to care about was that he was our knight in shining armor, he’d be charming, strong, handsome, a man of valor and a darn good kisser!. kissing was always the climax to every princess rescue. She got a kiss (how romantic……right?).

we never took into consideration the fact the he would have been traveling for days!. that means no proper toilet i.e brushing, bathing and proper hygiene practices. Also factoring in the fact that he’d have slayed a dragon, evil witch, bad fairy, wizard, sorcerer e.t.c to  get to the rescuing part. Ergo my thoughts that he’d be reeking! by then!. all that adrenaline and laboring will have resulted in a lot of sweating and zero showering for days = filth and smell.

But does that happen in the cartoons? nope. Dude’s pores are not of human failings. He stays fresh and charming. And strong enough to swoop in and carry the princess, reeling her in for ”the” kiss.

However that was the least of Disney’s grievances.

None of the princes where black or African!

Note:- this has nothing to do with me playing the racist card.

But you’ll say what of Alladin and the princess and the frog. They don’t count. why? because Aladdin was a thief, and I am still confused as to whether he is Asian or Arab.

While for the princess and the frog, the dude was a frog! need i say more?.

But that’s all good and fine, except it messes with the equilibrium and illusion being sold.

I wasn’t getting what i was paying for. Why? because all my fantasies centered around white, tall, blonde(the rare cute brunet)blue, green, hazel and honey eyed (lets not forget broad shouldered but slender) prince who was also charming and definitely handsome to come make me his princess.

in no scenario was he black.

Because it wasn’t part of the script I bought.

where did that leave me? unrealistic dreams and goals that didn’t even make sense to me either.

because even if charming came and knocked me down, i wouldn’t have recognized him. why? because he wasn’t the image i bought.

Well, unto today’s blog title. Yes the princes are grown and posing for Cosmo and the rest. Being all hot and what not.

The good news for me is that I have also grown up and left them behind the pages of my book and T.V.

Virtual love isn’t for me lol. They served a purpose in my childhood and that where they stay, in my childhood.

what some women need to do is grow up and smell the coffee and leave them in the pages of your story book and behind the scenes unfolding on your screen.

Focus on the living breathing Princes, Scribes, Warriors, Ministers, Artist, Teachers, Politicians etc lol right in front of you.

With their six, four, two and one pack. He could be a soldier or a teddy bear lol. A giant, a hobbit or in between


It doesn’t . matter if they are Pink, white, orange, brown, black or purple! lol. As long they recognize that being with you is like hitting the jackpot, they’ll make you that princess the child within you always craved to be.

He may not have a horse and shield to rescue you, but he’ll have a Honda, an Audi, Toyota, Nissan etc to race you out of trouble with.

Give the real thing a chance.



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