just breathe

IMG_6908 Struggling to breathe she clutches her chest. The lump in her throat too big, obstructing her air ways. Swallowing is not an option. Desperately she wills her lungs to do what they do best. But she’s still not breathing. This natural act has turned into rocket science Eluding her. Her world tilts on its axis Pieces of her sliding out of place. Topsy-turvy they balance precariously; the eminent crash seeming inevitable. The tears roll down unbidden Oblivious to/of their decent she was only aware of her despair. Finally her heart beat hitches, beating erratically causing her to gulp in lung full of air. A brick of pain drops to the bottom of her tummy. She wasn’t aware it had left its post till it warmed its way up to her Oesophagus. The numbness was way better. The intense pain making a play for her soul. It’s getting easier to give in to this feeling of letting go, Fighting a losing battle echoes in my head But for some weird reason I hold on. Unable to slide into the Abys calling me like a siren I guess it wasn’t as easy as I thought to stop fighting.

6 thoughts on “just breathe”

  1. Wow very great piece very intriguing,n thot provoke I took in every word as it creating a visual of ur description in my mind’s eye. More grease 2 ur elbows hoping 2 read more articles from U. ‘SUNESISS’ I’m tripped at the choice of name

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