Group of friends with telephone devices.While watching a movie two nights ago, I had to re-evaluate my concept of who a “friend” is. This might not mean much to you if you just have a handful of people you call friends. I’m a bit liberal with that word “friend” and dish it out without caution. Hence I saw the need to re-define the word “friend”.

I’ve been a campaigner for “making peace” with everyone, especially those with whom you were once “real-Gs”, but now barely talk due to a misunderstanding or the likes. But I don’t just stop at making peace, but taking the friendship to the state it was before what happened. Now, I see that I was not being realistic. Not everybody can be your friend.

Not everyone is your friend. Even a great percentage of those you honour with that title “friend” don’t deserve it a bit.

Life isn’t like Disney movies…

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